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Anyone adopted in Yorkshire?

Wishmeluck October 4, 2017 20:51


We are hoping to register our interest to adopt next month so would love to hear people’s experiences. I am aware that the region has now become ‘one adoption’ and split into three regions. Because of a possible conflict of interest within our immediate area I think we will have the option to decide which area in the consortium we would work with if our application is successful. (Obviously depending on capacity of the team etc)

We’re feeling a bit stuck on which area to specify if we get some say in it so just wondered if people would mind sharing their experiences. I understand people might not want to give away their location so please feel free to PM if you’d prefer

Thanks :-)

Gilreth October 4, 2017 23:15

Think we have chatted before but I am in Yorkshire - and the same part as you. Even round here you can be assessed by one of the three assessment teams which would avoid some of conflict as from memory you work with one of the LAs. Children could be placed from anywhere within RAA and that would be done carefully round potential conflicts - DH & I ended up with a local child from a non substance misuse background due to his job. If you want to meet up to chat just PM - we adopted pre RAA but I know a reasonable amount about it for many reasons.

The other thing to consider is the voluntary agencies who are part of the RAA for assessment at least

Wishmeluck October 5, 2017 08:50

Fab! I’ll PM you this evening after work if that’s okay? I do remember us chattinr you were super helpful. We’ve been to a few events within our RAA and one within another and so now trying to narrow down between the one I work for and another which we really liked the feel from. Not sure if we can ask for a visit from two within the same RAA. Will explain more in a PM later.

Thank you so much for your reply. If our ROI is accepted I’d definitely be taking you out for a coffee to pick your brains! Xx

aquilegia October 5, 2017 09:09

I have sent PM.

Wishmeluck October 5, 2017 21:59

Thanks Aquilegia x

Etoile_filante October 7, 2017 20:48

We posted our form last weekend step 1 started!We are in Yorkshire as well. I've been trying to find out what the timeline in between the form going in and the initial visit.

Wishmeluck October 10, 2017 20:43

Ooooh, that’s exciting’ll have to keep me posted! Would you mind saying whereabouts you are? (In a PM if you’d prefer) have you heard anything back yet? I’m not sure what the time line is tbh but hope it’s quick for you x

Pear Tree October 10, 2017 20:45

I don't live in Yorkshire but I have heard that South Yorkshire are pretty good and quick putting through post adoption ASF fund requests

Edited 10/10/17
Wishmeluck October 10, 2017 21:04

Fab, thanks pear tree. Planning to give S Yorks a ring this week to see if we’re close enough to them to consider assessing us. X

Etoile_filante November 1, 2017 18:34

Just seen this we are towards leeds

Etoile_filante November 1, 2017 18:34

Just seen this we are towards leeds

arugula November 1, 2017 19:53

We have adopted in Leeds - PM if you would like.


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