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MS and Adoption

Jandy5 March 5, 2021 10:12

Hello all,

Myself and my partner are at the very early stages of finding our child/children through adoption. We have a few information evenings lined up with Local Authority adoption services as well as voluntary agencies,

I am 33 and my partner is 40 and have been working towards this step for a number of years, learning through our nieces, friends little ones, reading and moving property so that we have more space etc etc.

However, whilst my partner doesn't have any health conditions, I have type 1 diabetes and relapse and remitting MS. Both conditions are well managed and have actually taught me a lot about myself and after initial shocks, I took control and sought counselling, did research, changed diets etc etc. I've always been incredibly active so 'health' and fitness has never been an issue. My MS does not present in any way that limits my abilities (the outside would never know). For all intents and purposes I present completely 'normal' - if there is such a thing.

However, i'm terrified that my health conditions are going to impact our chances of adoption. I've read so much about how it doesn't automatically mean a 'no', but that its the language you use and your support networks / plans you put in place for the 'what if's'... which to my mind, is what any parent would do.

We'd really like to hear from people in a similar situation to ours, that have been through the process or who are going through the process.

Thanks x

Jingle bells March 5, 2021 21:23


not my own personal experience but I know of a couple that have adopted and one of them has a diagnosis of MS.

They adopted a child, then a couple of years later, adopted the child’s newly born full sibling.

good luck, it can be done!


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