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The Finn family September 14, 2023 10:33

My wife and I have been approved for adoption for about 18 months now and we have been exploring possible matches since then. At the start we decided to take a somewhat active role checking Link Maker regularly and showing interest ourselves whenever possible. I’ve lost count now of how many interests we’ve shown but it’s quite a few and there’s been a very definite pattern for why we’re not progressing past this initial step, location.

We live in Scotland, not far from Edinburgh, but we’ve not limited our searches to our local area, however, we do take into consideration any location-based limitations that are mentioned in the profiles. Yet time and time again the main reason we’re being rejected is because local matches are being prioritised. I’m curious how this approach is, in most cases, child-centered, and frankly I find it contradictory to the way in which Link Maker-type services generally operate. Surely the whole point in having Link Maker is to find the most suitable match from a much larger pool, surely that’s the most child-centered approach. Otherwise it would seem like we’re wasting our time showing interest when there’s no clear indication as to whether we meet the most basic requirement of needing to reside close by.

Maybe Link Maker should instead be used by Social Workers to find the most suitable matches.

Edited 14/09/2023


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