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Help ๐Ÿ˜Š

Fenner June 6, 2021 16:52

Hi to anyone that reads this.

So awhile ago i tried to adopt but had to wait till i moved and had a spare room ( was going to split a room into two, but that cant work).

Then everything going on with the virus has put a long wait on adopting. But in the mean time I fractured my ankle (has healed now) which has coursed my ankle to swell but not to the point i cant walk. I am still able to do all i need to do in general life. But my consultant obviously wants to get this sorted. He has said no long term physical damage or health problems he said may just have to wear one of those flight socks haha

So my question is: Will this stop me from adopting. Iv been getting all worked up about it. Thinking they will say come back when sorted or sorry no.

I have my first one to one with SW Tuesday and health/have a consultant is one of the questions. Iv waited so long to get here again and really dont want to get turned down from something so stupid. If anyone has any info advise help please. Thank you

Serrakunda27 June 9, 2021 19:44

So you have medical issue which needs sorting out as opposed to a disabilty?

Either way I canโ€™t see that it would stop you. People get approved with life long disabilities and health conditions.

Iโ€™d crack on if I were you. Hope you get the treatment you need soon - sounds painful!

Daydreamer: June 9, 2021 22:00

I attended approval panel for my second adoption on crutches as I was recovering from surgery on my broken ankle. They just asked how I was and when I felt I would be sufficiently mobile to proceed. We agreed not to start family finding for a couple of months.

I can understand after your setbacks that you must feel anxious but I am sure that it won't be an issue.


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