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Separated parents

January 28, 2021 14:48

Just putting this post out there to see how some families manage and cope following a breakdown in the relationship between adoptive parents.

This is the situation I've been in for over two years, when we told our then 8 and 5 year old daughters of this position we had reached.

It's been hard for us all, and still confusing since we're living this limbo life during COVID. So I wanted to reach out to share coping strategies, and see how others manage the mental wellbeing of their children and selves.

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windfalls February 1, 2021 09:11

Hi scayfecom,

Sorry you have not had any replies and I have not been in this position so cannot offer any real help.

I guess the only thing I would suggest is to keep the lines of communication open with your children, which I am sure you are, and try and get plenty of fresh air. I think lockdown is tough on every one at the moment.


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February 1, 2021 20:27

Hi scayfecom,

I am so glad this group has been set up and thank you for sending in a post and getting the ball rolling. I separated from my husband 7 months ago and because we were in a tied house it was me who had to leave the family home and try and set up a new home. My AD7 finds it really really hard, particularly the transitions between two homes and during this lockdown.

I have so many questions which are particular to separated families from how others have worked out shared parenting to what to do about pre-separation photo albums to life story work to whether others find that there is only one parent who receives most of the challenging behaviour and aggression.

Because it sometimes can be difficult to find a subject on the forum I wondered whether it might be useful for other potential forum members if I should post these as separate questions on the 'Separated Parents' part of the forum?


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