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SEND Tribunals

Lilythepink April 1, 2022 13:55

Does anyone have experience - did you represent yourselves or use a solicitor (£££)?

Expensive and stressful process. Happy to take private replies if you've used a particular solicitor. Some seem to offer fixed fess, which might be helpful.

AlisonAUK April 1, 2022 14:37

Hi, IPSEA is very helpful on SEND & EHCP tribunals, in case you haven't come across them yet:

Donatella April 1, 2022 15:58

Ipsea and SOSSEN are very good.

Solicitors don’t come cheap - I’ve used Sinclairs previously. Michael Charles is excellent and worth a follow if you’re on Facebook. He covers Wales and England. Very committed and with personal experience as well. He’s also done the odd free webinar.

Sunshine Support also excellent.

I do though know lots of parents who’ve done it successfully themselves. There are a few adoption Facebook groups where the parents have a fair amount of knowledge and expertise. Might be worth looking into as well.

And good luck. Getting the right provision makes all the difference. I’ve two leaving school this year - different colleges, no statements just a non statutory plan (Wales Gov new legislation mess) and the one college is already starting to get right on my nerves!

Lilythepink April 1, 2022 19:11

Thank you.

I know of and have used IPSEA - they are so busy even trying to get a helpline appt is a major operation though.

Thanks for the links Donatella. It's bloody exhausting isn't it?

We have an EHCP but it doesn't have all the provision needed.

Donatella April 1, 2022 20:28

It’s knackering … a full time job. You sort one thing and something else crops up. I’ve every faith that one college will get it right, and little faith that the other one will but he’ll only be there for a year to do an art foundation diploma before possibly university. No doubt that’ll be another hurdle🙄. And my LA is doing it’s best to baffle parents with bull💩 over the new legislation and basically doing stuff that’s unlawful. Really grinds my gears

Sunshine Support are very good - I know parents who’ve accessed their support. Good luck

Leo April 1, 2022 21:32

I used the firm Simpson Millar and they were fantastic. They had different levels of fixed rate packages - some just reading the paperwork and making recommendations for you.

It was expensive - but thoroughly worth it for the weight it took off my shoulders. (I wish LAs had to pay back any costs though!)

Good luck, it was a long but worthwhile battle.

Lilythepink April 2, 2022 09:52

And thank you too Leo. Fixed fee packages might take the sting out of having to pay for this (could do without lawyers but the payoff is STRESS)

Grinds my gears too Donatella. In our case the authority f***ing her over re education is the same placing authority who f***ed up her journey through care. I don't know how their Director of Children's Services sleeps at night.

Yes, my level of anger is one reason I should get solicitors involved....,🙄

Sounds like you're doing a great job. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


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