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Muslim couple looking to adopt

Sunflower94 December 30, 2020 16:01

Hello, salaams, we’re a British Muslim couple looking to adopt and have many questions for someone from a similar religious background. Is there anyone that can link up with us to have a conversation? Would be much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance

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Safia January 6, 2021 12:49

Just to say you might get more response if you ask specific questions. We are a mixed white English and Asian Muslim couple and our kids have a similar ethnic mix so have some experience though maybe not an exact match or experience in what you need. People of other mixes or religions might also be able to help depending on what you would like to know / discuss

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PATEL March 31, 2021 22:40

Hi Sunflower94. We are a British Muslim couple who are also in the adoption process. Would love to link up and have a conversation with you. We are currently in stage 2 of the adoption process. X

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Family August 22, 2021 18:32

Hi Sunflower94 we have just been approved and are second time adopters. We are a British Muslim couple. We're happy to connect.

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Dahud March 29, 2022 22:44

Salams all.

There’s a Muslim Adopters community group that do meet-ups on zoom.

The next one is on the 12th May at 8pm

details are on the adoption uk website:

Hussain36 June 25, 2022 00:01


I’m new to the forums can someone tell me when the next community group is please

Dahud June 25, 2022 09:55

Salams - We're hoping to arrange the next one for after Eid. The dates are usually posted on the Adoption UK website and in their weekly newsletter.

Aisha and Waheed October 12, 2022 23:17


We are a British Muslim (South Asian) couple looking to adopt. We have just been approved at panel. Would appreciate link-up/info exchange with others from similar backgrounds so we can share/learn from each others' experiences. We are based in West Yorkshire.

PATEL October 14, 2022 02:13

Wasalaam aisha and waheed. Happy to connect with you both. Message us directly. Congratulations on your approval 👏

We are also approved adopters waiting to be matched and we run support groups for Muslims and you will be able to find lots of people to connect with. There's alot of adopters on there who would be happy to link or chat via WhatsApp or a phone call. We also have an Instagram page called @muslimahadoptsuk

Feel free to connect with us, your not alone. You will soon see there's a big Asian family of adopters ready to provide you the support you may need.

Farhana & Ishaq



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