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Changing jobs

Linda September 24, 2022 20:19

I'm hoping to start adoption process next month. I'm also hoping to change jobs soon and I was wondering if that would be a problem? I've read that you don't have to be employed to adopt (as long as can financially support the child) so wasn't sure if this would be an issue or whether I would need to wait till I've passed my probation period etc?

Donatella September 25, 2022 13:19

The adoption assessment process is often tough, intrusive and demanding of your time, energy and emotions.

Social workers will want to feel comfortable that you’re in a position to cope with that and will be looking for your situation to be stable and as secure as possible so I’d imagine they’ll suggest you finding that new job first and settling into it before starting the adoption process.

You’ll need to think about things like adoption leave? Your current employer’s offer vs what a new one may offer. Lots can depend on the age of the child and their additional needs but have you thought about age, abilities/disabilities, how much time you can take off and how you’d manage financially? Children are expensive. Childcare is expensive.

How do you envisage job hunting with a child’s needs to consider?

Linda September 25, 2022 14:59

Thank you for your thought out response.

Perhaps it is best to change jobs first like you say. I settle into new jobs relatively easily but of course the first month is tiring so perhaps I'm trying to do too much at once.

My dilemma is my current job is toxic and I want to leave. If I wasn't planning to adopt, I'd leave immediately but I need my savings for adoption and of course steady income before I apply. My current job is remote and flexible hours so ideal for becoming a parent and it has better than statutory adoption leave too so my head says I should stick it out but working there is soul depleting.

What worries me about getting a new job too is having to get a work reference in stage 1 which is difficult to say to a brand new employer that I'm planning on going to leave for a year. Of course it may be a year in the future but having to tell them so soon is awkward.

In terms of finances, yes have thought that all through, I'm very good at budgeting and saving and have enough for adoption leave, childcare etc.

Serrakunda27 September 25, 2022 15:35

I sympathise, been there, done that, its very hard to get things lined up.

I did change jobs in the middle of my assessment and it did delay me by about 6 months because I didnt want to tell my new employer too soon.

I think a lot depends on how quickly you think you might be able to secure a new role and your notice period. If you think you couod be in a new job in the next couple of months then personally I would be inclined to wait. I took the hit on the delay because the new role had vastly superior adoption leave and was a significant salary increase, it would have been foolish not to take the opportunity for the sake of a few months.

Its hard when youve got yourself ready to go but a few months delay is nothing in the grand scheme of things if its puts you in a better position overall.

November 22, 2022 09:39

I changed job part way through Stage 2, and they provided me with my reference within the first couple of weeks of employment. For me, it was an excellent move, more time at home, less stress and a more secure income. I discussed it with our social worker when I applied, and she was very supportive of the move. My new workplace couldn't be more supportive, and I plan to take a short period of shared parental leave which, on the off chance that I've not been there long enough for statutory (26 weeks), they hope to pay out of their pocket.


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