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This forum is archived. The forum archive contains content from the Adoption UK forums that were added before April 2019. The archive is a collection of advice, suggestions, ideas, support and the stories of hundreds of adoptive families.
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For people who have just started to think about adoption. 89 topics 939 posts
2677 topics 22609 posts
3942 topics 38414 posts
Getting the most out of their education. 456 topics 3589 posts
Share the joy of an achievement, milestone or magic moment, however small or large. 267 topics 1333 posts
If you’re looking for somewhere to vent frustration, anger, grief or all of the above, this is the place to do it. 509 topics 5555 posts
Share your top tips and great sources of information, activities, advice or help – whatever format they come in. 130 topics 426 posts
Want to ask your fellow board members a question that doesn’t relate to adoption? 277 topics 6731 posts
A virtual chat around the kitchen table about the big issues. 111 topics 1023 posts
Adoption in the media, research & media requests and the from Adoption UK. 188 topics 631 posts
394 topics 4001 posts
36 topics 209 posts
85 topics 473 posts
229 topics 2056 posts
24 topics 173 posts
18 topics 111 posts
112 topics 664 posts
To ensure that the our forums are a safe, supportive and smooth-running facility for all our users, ourselves and any connected third parties, we have created the following forum rules of use. 1 topics 1 posts
2 topics 2 posts
A guide to some of the commonly used acronyms and abbreviations from our boards 13 topics 13 posts
161 topics 1663 posts
133 topics 1220 posts
21 topics 68 posts
83 topics 685 posts
Share your experiences of local authority adoption teams and adoption agencies. 49 topics 212 posts
Be inspired, share top tips, make connections. Helping us support adoptive families all over the UK. 10 topics 17 posts
If you're able to access therapeutic support to help your family, the decisions you need to make may be overwhelming. We've created this board to help parents find out what the different therapies offer, how they might help your family, and to share their own experiences. 44 topics 313 posts
3 topics 3 posts
19 topics 125 posts
A space for Schools' Members to talk privately. 1 topics 8 posts
For adopters who have now become grandparents 20 topics 172 posts
For people whose children are adopters/prospective adopters 7 topics 79 posts
A place for adopters to discuss relevant issues 14143 topics 118932 posts
For prospective adopters to discuss relevant issues 2529 topics 20660 posts
For foster carers to discuss relevant issues 299 topics 1789 posts
A place to discuss general parenting issues 2538 topics 19937 posts
To debate current adoption and parenting issues 139 topics 2377 posts
A place to submit your suggestions to Adoption UK 73 topics 581 posts
A place for single adopters to discuss relevant issues 452 topics 3961 posts
A place for parents with birth children to discuss relevant issues 344 topics 2589 posts
For approved prospective adopters to discuss relevant issues 3618 topics 32879 posts
A place for single prospective adopters to discuss relevant issues 283 topics 2232 posts
Give info about your circumstances 233 topics 1003 posts
Here you can suggest resources which you have a positive experience of. 314 topics 889 posts
For any off-topic discussions 1843 topics 20948 posts
For discussing any issues related to kinship/family/friend adoption and care. 24 topics 87 posts
A place for parents with adoptive children in their late teens or adulthood to discuss the relevant issues. 2677 topics 25653 posts
A place for lesbian, gay and bisexual adopters to discuss issues relevant to them. 140 topics 648 posts
A place for Trans Racial/Religious/Cultural Adopters to discuss the specific issues relevant to them. 71 topics 454 posts
A place to discuss the issues of Overseas/Transnational Adopters 40 topics 174 posts
A place for Black and Minority Ethnic Families to talk about the issues relevant to them. 44 topics 315 posts
A place for adopters with disabilites to share experiences 93 topics 434 posts
A place for adopters of children with disabilities. 527 topics 2723 posts
89 topics 621 posts
A place for adopters to discuss issues relating to school and education. 647 topics 4068 posts
Listings of authorised research requests that adopters and prospective adopters can contribute to. 69 topics 201 posts
A place to post your good news. Whether you've had a positive experience, a good day or a breakthrough, big or small - share your story here. 277 topics 1404 posts